Side download of marketplace items


Maybe I miss something - but I wonder if that will be the final solution, how marketplace items will be treated now and in future.

For example, someone buy one item in the marketplace. He opens edit, see the marketplace URL, copy and paste it chrome or whatever browser and can download the original .fbx without PoP restrictions and with another drag 'n drop he upload it to the asset server (or share it with friends etc.)

I mean, is that the final solution how creators stuff will be treated in HiFi? Or do I understand it wrong?

(scratching my head)


Stuff copied that way wont identify as bought when inspected.
so we will know its stolen( or atleast not purchaced through hifi)
Where genuine items identify as genuine
anyone can allways steal anything but u cant fake genuine
i think is the plan

once an item is identified as stolen we then set about u with the blockchain



I am not a coder, but is it impossible to make some restrictions on server side for blocking a side download? I mean, I can’t download from marketplace, if I am not logged when using the interface. But I can download everything from a browser without anything.

Or maybe something inside HiFi, when an item is bought from marketplace, why the URL is visible in the edit? Is there a need for this? Because, I can rez it from my bought items list.

Okay, maybe I am to critical.


I think that urls should be only visible in domains you are allowed edit rights in
but knows well that any coder with the will can get around that before i finish typing that.

What did you have stolen?


@Skimi Our design is that you will not be able to view the URL for an item unless you own it. I don’t think we’ve done that in the current build, but that is our direction.

As others have pointed out, you can still get access to the URL by hacking the client, etc, but simply not showing the URL is an appropriate strategy, as you suggest.

Adding more marketplace items

I agree; you can always increase the difficulty for a user who wants to pirate content to be able to pirate, but they will still do it if they have an incentive to. Just look at the copybotting community on SL!

Plus, I am of the belief that if you bought the item, you should be able to modify it and reupload it for personal (non-redistributable) use.

EDIT: I had an interesting conversation in-world about this issue. Basically, I forsee that including anti-piracy measures would just turn into an arms race of who can develop piracy tools before anti-piracy measures can be made to get around those tools, which is basically an endless battle in any case.