Simple bubble chat


I have created a script that pushes your chat messages to your avatar display name.
It creates a personal chat display for your avatar.
This is ideal if you have no voice available, people around you can see what you are trying to say.

The script creates a menu called bubbleChat
The menu has 3 options

  1. send chat message
  2. change display name
  3. remove menu

The script takes your existing display name, so if you have no existing name showing, then no name will show, but you can add a name from there.
If you have a display name when you start, the script will preserve the display name and continue to use it during chat, then will revert back to this name when you close out the script, or if you change the display name it will revert to the new name.

Get the script here and run it as a regular script.

have fun



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Cool stuff @Adrian I imagine you could even do a hotkey to bring it up



Great script Adrian. Last August when I joined I had played around with the display name. Great idea turning it into a chat feature!!



Really nice, how do you attach this script? this still works? or this evolved to the new chat system? I’m curious if this is attached to an entity or if is injected into the “current scripts” tab.



Take a copy, save it to your hard drive. Just start it from your “running scripts”> from Hard drive
and it produces a menu.