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This place is just to show off avatars and new ideas of how to make them simply and effectively with you like to share what you’re doing please do so here with you find something amazing to

My first great find from MakeHuman Avatar

Quote Today we open a new gallery, featuring Manuel Bastioni artworks. The model added today is “RF-002”, a prototype for a serie of amazing characters:

It has been finished up in blender

But just look at these faces you can make

They certainly have the texturing right and I have to say the face Is pretty good


Yes I saw these - v nice work
MakeHuman => Blender is such an easy process, except when it comes to da…da… ‘HiFi’ import .fbx but when this is sorted it will be an awesome Open Source workflow


Using the python addon script to fix the bones (not shown / not active) MH >> Blender >> HiFi is REALLY NOT that big of a deal… keep in mind the old man shown below has NOT been rendered.

note: woman not created in MakeHuman.


With avatars like that the 3 letter industry is getting nuts am afraid. Can be Good, can be bad.


have you tried putting them into High Fidelity?


Extraordinary, but I could find no links to the animation demo or if the model is available for commercial use. M. Bastioni founded MakeHuman, it seems.


Old man goes in fine, complete with bones and textures. Needs bone rotation fix, plus bone weight adjustment. Avatar creation is an iterative process, and this one is taking <<cough>> time… to get it just right. Note I have current issues with normals and transparency is an issue, bone weights are WAY off, but I wanted to show that it IS in fact a plausible pipeline, if you’re willing to put in the hours. The steeper the climb the sweeter the summit.

Young woman not yet rigged.


Next on the field today is about clothes and targets easy to donate on MakeHuman
In the lovely nightly build this video explains how it works And how you can donate content and get content from the donations that people make

Nice to see the open source community starting support each other this is a wonderful thing


I haven’t really paid much attention to how MakeHuman av add ons work… can attachments be rigged with their own set of joints? I.e. could there be wings that can flap? Elf ears that can wiggle? Tails that flex and bend on cue?


I have something to show you this week now obviously this has a lot to do with graphics
but this truly is amazing

Originally from


Gorgeous design and modeling, but I was expecting to see animated facial expressions in real time. I want it all, darn it!


I’m proud to announce the born of my new creation: “Manuel Bastioni Lab”, a tool to turn Blender in a powerful laboratory for 3d humanoids creation.
It permits to easily create rigged humans and anime models with few clicks.
I wrote it upon the 15 years experience gained on CG characters projects and I’m happy to share it with you.
It is free and open source and can be downloaded from my site


Gotta love the English-is-my-second-language way that site-description is written. :smiley:


As some of you may know you can get clothing for your MakeHuman avatar now they’ve made an easy plug-in you can just easily do it inside the program

With the help of another community plugin for makehuman, it is now possible to download and use community assets from within the makehuman GUI. Previously, it was necessary to go to… and download file by file manually, and figure out where to copy those files.

The plugin is pretty rough around the edges, but works in principle. It is available from the git repository for community plugins at

An update coming to ManuelbastioniLAB as 1.3 Look at these goodies

Have you always wanted different skins well now you can have it and different body types soon

As you can see they have expressions and the really nice shader

I know some of you actually want to be old you can have that to


Now we only need a plugin so make human can be used inside high fidelity. btw, the avater in the make human picture looks nice.


I notice most of the videos you posted here showed noticeable pokethru with the clothes, tho the last one seems to have largely corrected for that. On the other hand… I’m a little bit bummed that the age range is limited to between 18 and 70, because you just know there’s going to be people like me wanting to dial it down to age 10 or 12… or even all the way down to toddler or baby. I suppose someone will make a kids-and-teens av for this system, though. Hopefully one that will be able to use the same clothes over it.

Another thing I’m wondering about though is… does it support things like placing on one garment over the top of another, without the one garment poking thru the other? Say, placing a jacket on over a t-shirt, or pants on over undershorts? (Yes, I know, I keep obsessing over that one! :smiley: )