Simply using your Hands the Future


What is using your hands well that could be anything to a glove to using a leap motion or sixense or 3d cameras.In your environment

I increasingly think this is going to be revolutionised way of making things and deal with projects If you’re just stuck at a screen or using a vr headset or things we can’t imagine yet

I have been talking to my friends about music and how the idea of improving their experience and remembered my glove friend I like to call her she’s not really my friend but I seem to think were on the same wavelength You might remember her Imogen Heap

She is making her glove available for everybody to make music what amazing and open source and a sense by hacking things

And I’m sure you guys have seen the leap motion interface that made up recently

And let’s not forget about shopping

I still like to think we like to touch things and have something tangible and in a sense To touching a buttons to opening a door To making an object hands are important as we all know

If you would like to talk about this more in depth I would love to talk to you

But for now thank you for reading


I’m hoping that someone in the LEAP hacker community makes a sculpting tool that…

  • Works fantastically
  • Creates a file that can be imported into Blender (or similar), and vice-versa

Yes, I’m certain I can (and will) learn Blender. But I’d love to make virtual things with my hands, and then put those virtual things into highfidelity (or SL, or 3D print them, etc.).

The most creative sculptors I can think of… I doubt many of them have an interest in learning Blender. But I want their creations in my real AND my virtual worlds. Dig?


I agree that hand control has a big future in VR/AR.

In many respects, the current Leap Motion hardware is just a stand-in for what will become available:

  • Sensors integrated into headsets with associated libraries, e.g., Microsoft HoloLens, Meta SpaceGlasses
  • More reasonably priced data gloves: e.g., ControlVR


There’s already something like that:


it’s definitely coming our way

I’ve been following this company for a while and just found their recent video on their glove or lying going to say is Beetlejuice enjoy

this probably could be used with the valve headset with you think about it and many others



I predict someone will invent easy to wear lightweight gloves with micro sensors embedded into them. They would be popular, especially if priced correctly. They could operate from pressure and location sensors and feed this back to the device. Maybe it’s a dream, but I have a dream :slight_smile:

As for the goggles, Oculus has limitations - unless everything around the scene can be voice or screen activated.

Ideally glasses should have a reflective lens so we can see both local and virtual at the same time, or alternatively a screen that display both virtual and local environments. As they are, it’s an either/or situation.

I just hope these gloves and headsets aren’t too far away in time.


Did you all see these videos.

We did this one with Leap (this took several tries):

This one we used PrioVR:


I certainly did will play rock paper scissors any time once I choose my equipment of choice :slight_smile:


this is a good example of the realsense camera for using your hands
I believe that toys has a script in the controllers area where you can give your hands ago if you have this already

go to edit
go to running scripts
load scripts
drop-down controllers
drop-down realsense

double-click realsensehands.js


this is tiny little sensors on a glove this might be the solution for the future when it gets cheaper


Just found another example looks like E3 is going to be amazing Time

Cannot wait to see what comes out in the next month

It looks like everybody is getting there in some kind of former fashion

Some more information about the Gloves click here


Brilliant find @MichelleLeckrone - Still waiting for the wearables and thinking of Ironman and Tony Stark!


You are ready to explode your brain more @Debs

Go 10 minutes in with the play doesn’t work

Yes Radar And also Touch Clothing

@Judas this is what you want right in a sort of way

Is no reason why you couldn’t implement this in this environment like this
with the gesturing


Good find @MichelleLeckrone !

Radar - wow!

Haptics are really the tip of the iceberg. I wish I were 18 at this stage because there’s so much exciting stuff happening.

Imagine this as the whole body not just the hand, coupled with The Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics. Everything would be within out reach. Hi Fi may just be that access platform that we need to be able to visualise things like turning our heating on, or having our car tell us it needs a service etc etc.

Thank you for this share hugs


It’s working with an API they have created for developers, so people can build it’s functionality into their software. Imagine this in Hi FI @MichelleLeckrone !

Because this is fast and easy, though may not be cheap yet - it’s the future (and it’s being made by Google).

It’ll make HiFi invincible !


So what is missing when way using our hands in virtual environments/games
of course it’s touch and the feeling of something in your hands



Hahaha Judas !! I hope that’s a model you uploaded to HF ??


Or maybe something like this


Have new things to show off First thing from HF

Looks very promising at the 50ms

Cannot wait to see you building with this Vive Controller

Now more from Manus Machina Who have been showing off their stuff at E3

This is totally wireless and open-source SDK for Andriod, Windows 8+, Linux, iOS 9, Mac OSX

Fancy playing rocks papers scissors @chris with this

More information Click here