Single command server install for Linux (CentOS 7)


Hey there,

I put together hifi on CentOS utilizing SystemD so that it would behave as you expect any service to behave. I figured I would drop it in here for everyone’s use. If you have suggestions for improvement, by all means suggest :). This is beta software. If you find any bugs do let me know.



Run as root


This will launch Hifi in Production mode from the stable branch.

bash <(curl -Ls


This will launch Hifi in Development mode from the master branch.

bash <(curl -Ls dev


  • hifi --save : Creates a backup of the live codebase.
  • hifi --status : Gives status info on the hifi services.
  • hifi --update : Creates a backup of the current live folder then updates the code.
  • hifi --update-hifi-server : Updates this build tool.
  • hifi --restore : Restore code from one of the last backups.
  • hifi --stop : stops Hifi.
  • hifi --start : Starts Hifi.
  • hifi --restart : Restarts Hifi.
  • hifi --update-by-tag : Choose tag name to build.

Tool State -

Working in master and stable


To anyone using this tool, it should be working again, If not let me know. It should update all files it needs too, to bring your server up to date if you have 0.3.0 or higher. – otherwise it will need to be a clean install.

There will be a one time compile of Qt 5.9.1 when you install or update this tool.