SinteM Blender female avatar

This is a female avatar I created based on Sintel
I’m putting her out there so people can improve tweak and do whatever they want to with her.
I plan to do a few tutorials on things you can change like I did with the Meri avatar. The plan is that we can get the avatar creation ball rolling without going down the we cant use it route.

I’m kinda hoping that during the alpha phase of hifi we can improve her a lot freely.
I’m not a master avatar creator by any measure.

She has Shapekeys so will Faceshift, her hands work but the thumbs are a bit weird.
I did my best, always still learning.
If you can make her better post her back improved and maybe together we can build the perfect base model

Thanks to Durian, Menthial and Smokey


I have had great fun playing with this avatar and pimping her a bit to make my own version while @Judas has been working on her. As someone who had never used blender before, I can only encourage everyone to have a go and as Judas says, embrace the spirit of creativity and fun which should be at the heart of this amazing alpha experiment :slight_smile:


A few people i see struggled to get the avatar working in hf.
When you export her just select the avatar and the rig.

and then have your fbx export settings like this

The problem is that there are some alternative hair styles hidden on other layers.

@DrFranny @Twa_Hinkle


Hey @Judas did you add in the Right Arm free joint problem to the .fst we ran into Sunday?


yes it was in allready :slight_smile:


I made a tutorial kinda outlining a way of baking out shadows and textures


My feet still don’t touch the ground, @Judas
Do I have to change something in the armature? Thanks


I have just updated the file at the top , removed the hair from the other layers which i think was making things tricky, and removed the other blend files out of the thing (one with purple hair and a wip male avatar.
re floating it should be correct i just tried it and it seemed fine if u can down load the new one export the fbx and save over the fbx in the file and check it then let me know?


I think the Sintem/textures directory is missing in the RAR file? Or is it located somewhere else.


OK, so I downloaded the new files. I imported the .fbx into blender, changed nothing, exported the ,fbx and then sent to AWS along with the .fst.
I brought it into HiFI, and it was up in the air.
Then, I opened the Sintem.blend file, modded it a bit, and brought it in.

That was the result.

I am sure that I imported/exported as you have shown here, so I have no idea.
I notice that some avatars from the Marketplace do this as well (the police officer, for one)
Any ideas? I am ready to test, test, test.
EDIT: It looked fine at Free/Shop. I will play with domain Franny to see. Perhaps there is a collision model on the village I don’t know about.


the textures are embedded in the fbx but i think interface looks for a textures folder so i just left the empty file in there


whats it doing specifically?