SittingPoints mysteries


I’ve been exploring sitting. It seems apparent from the samples i’ve found that there is support for sitting, but also support for sitting points within a given model. The docs suggest that the sittingPoints variable collects a positive integer and defaults to 0, but that seems odd. i found one forum thread where a raycast result appears to suggest that sittingPoints are a list of vectors - that seems more logical. So some questions.

Are sittingPoints a list of vectors?
If so, are they unit vectors with a magnitude property to determine distance from centerpoint? Or regular vectors whose magnitude determines distance from a center?
If either of the above - is the center point of the sittingPoints determined based on the center of the model?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts in this regard.


Hey @Hiro,

Sitting points are defined in the fst file, see for an example.

You can add multipe sitting points per model.

The format is as follows:
sit = NameOfSittingPoint = X,Y,Z = ROT_X,ROT_Y,ROT_Z
sit = AnotherNameOfSittingPoint = X,Y,Z = ROT_X,ROT_Y,ROT_Z