Size of web entities?


Have a question about web entities. It seems as if they stop working properly once they get over a certain size, somewhere around 5 meters. I’m thinking about setting up a much larger web entity, something like a billboard about 20x15 meters.

Does anyone know how I could do that, or if it requires some change in the web entity itself?


have you tried the DPI setting?


Actually, the DPI setting is impossible to change. It used to work, but now it doesn’t anymore.


try the below code. copy and paste the objects uuid, where uuid is below, and then paste the code into the hifi console.



It says “expected : in about console”.


the code should look like the below but with your objects uuid.



Should it be with or without the hyphens? I tried without hyphens.


No error message when I included the hyphens, but the dpi-setting of the entity does not change.


I’ve tested that code in-world it does change the entity. You can change the 8 to what ever value you want, the default is 30. Lower values will make things appear bigger and higher values will make things appear smaller. I will be in world in Welcome for the next 4 hours feel free to pop in and ill help you out. ( I am Midnight in-world )


Now it works. Thank’s a lot for your patience. And thank’s for finding out about that other problem I didn’t know about (that I was in the wrong domain). Maybe there was a connection between those things, but I can’t figure out what that might have been.