Sketchup export settings?


I am having no luck trying to export models from sketchup into HiFi. They never retain any of the textures. Is there documentation that I can find? Most of what I have seen is for Blender. But my models will not open in blender for some reason. It says that blender does not support my models with some ASCII error.

I prefer to work in sketch up if possible. What are the best settings to get them to properly import?


In what file format do you export ?
I just did read that only sketchup pro is doing fbx.


FBX is my preferred file format.


Mabye this helps ?

Exporting FBX Files

Try the option “Export Texture Maps”


Most of these errors with unsupported FBX can be cured by running the FBX file thru the free Autodesk converter.

If it doesnt open in Blender it will never open in Hifi. I always open any FBX file in blender first, if it complains of unsupported version, run it thru the converter, this free converter will bring it in line with supported versions in a matter of seconds.

Then you can open it in blender and properly assign the materials, fix the reversed normals that will cause missing faces and create holes, and export an uploadable FBX.

And then be disappointed with the cardboard cutout you end up with as a model, lol seriously most models made for Sketchup are good for backgrounds or low poly bridges and sky scrapers but are nothing more than a facade texture on a box. But great for building out a background city, or using as placeholders while you build each building to full detail.

Set your destination files for
FBX 2013
Check Embed media
FBX Save Mode Binary


I tried running it through the converter and it did not work still. Would you have any other ideas?

Thanks so much


I have no other information until I see the model file in question.
If you can post the model file or provide the URL to the model, I can have a look myself.
Its true some models simply wont open in Blender, and I’m not sure why.

But in most cases Sketchup models can be converted, provide a link to your model and I’ll give it a go.


You need to export the files as dae from SketchUp that is the first step next um put the da into blender in blender you add the material that is used to texture your object then export from blender to fbx


PMing you a link. Don’t want to make public


Happy to help.
I was able to import the fully textured model into Hifi.
There is no doubt there will be several ways of doing this, here are the steps I took.

Export from Sketchup as 3D model and set the format to FBX,
Once you export from Sketchup you get a .fbx file and a folder full of textures.

Run that FBX thru Autodesk fbx converter, that will produce another folder called FBX 2013 and inside that folder is the converted FBX and that the one to import into Blender.

Open Blender, import the converted FBX, then save the Blend file into the texture folder.
From the file menu on Blender go to External Data > Find Missing Files.
This will open a browser to the folder the blend file is in, where all the textures are, click “Find missing files” button.
That should associate all the textures to the materials.

You now have to play with the shaders to get it to look right…thats another tutorial.

In object mode select a single building, press CTRL/i to invert selection, now press h to hide everything except the building.
Select the building and then select each material, then select the texture to open the textures properties and put a check in "Pack Texture"
Go back to the next material and pack its texture/s, rinse and repeat until all textures are packed.

Rotate and scale the object as required then Apply/Location and Apply/Rotation and Scale.

Make sure the object is still selected and Export FBX, check Selected Objects, set path to Copy mode and put the little check in the “Pack Files” icon.

Upload the new FBX (which is our third version) to server or ATP and import into Hifi.


Not that i use sketchup. but i cannot use the fbx converter anymore to. some weird error when i want to add a file. windows 10


They have some new tools out that will help with [FBX] export.