Skybox all black


Hi there,

I have some troubles with my skybox it just black. Tried several ways but it stays black.

Thank You!!!


Try the 8th way it works for me


I recommend using a equirectangular skybox texture instead. I had a lot of trouble with using a cubemap formatted skybox, but then converted it to equirectangular and it worked perfectly in HiFi.

HiFi will detect the texture as equirectangular if the dimensions are such that the height is exactly half of the width. (ie. 4096x2048, which is what I used)


Apologies for sarcasm.but if you don’t list what you tried we could be playing the have u tried this ? Yes of course I tried that game
Have you tried putting one of HIFIs skyboxes in your Dropbox and checking it works from there?


I’m getting black skybox also.

@Jherico, @sam you may wish to double-check fragment shader support in your latest builds. Since Beta Release 29 I’ve been unable to render my .fs on skybox.

Windows 10 pro x64
i7 - 4770 @ 4.0 GHz


Hi Guys thanks for answering @Judas @PetVal @AlphaVersionD

  • Files are on dropbox

Tried both ways:

cupemap and equirectangular result both black

tried different images fomarts and file sizes.

tried it with skyboxes from the marketplace but also with Zones

All black :frowning:


So u cant see any skyboxes at all anywhere? or just from ur dropbox?

ifu cant see any anywhere then its hardware bug thing
if u cant see ones only from ur dropbox then u may have the wrong kind of dropbox



No I see the other skyboxes they work but when I want to make my own with zone then its black.



can u paste the dropbox url you’re using? asfar as i know its only the older dropboxes had the public folder. if the links correct pasting it in a browser should show the image



yes of course here:


loaded immediatly when i tried it
i added a zone



So strange did the same steps

  • create a zone

  • skybox

  • copy link

its black

is it maybe a problem with localhost or something?


unhide yourself in world ill tp to u and see if i can see it


Ok I think you can join :slight_smile:



Graphics card specs… if you would be so kind… thanks.


my graphicard is Zotac Geforce gtx 980 ti amp extreme 6gb




Hey can you join my world and have a look?


it’s taking it’s sweet time loading. :smiley:

[12/15 10:07:23] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen active texture count  4
[12/15 10:07:23] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Progress for "/LS/Landscape/tree_log_viz.fbx" - 212700 of 66995360 bytes - 0%
[12/15 10:07:23] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Progress for "/LS/Landscape/tree.fbx" - 212700 of 80415520 bytes - 0%
[12/15 10:07:23] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Progress for "/LS/Landscape/cliffs.fbx" - 212700 of 84241248 bytes - 0%
[12/15 10:07:23] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Progress for "/Landscape/landscape_tex_viz.fbx" - 212700 of 204326320 bytes - 0%
[12/15 10:07:27] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Progress for "/LS/Landscape/stones.fbx" - 283600 of 58487152 bytes - 0%
[12/15 10:07:28] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen texture count  4
[12/15 10:07:28] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen active texture count  3


really is loading slow is it atp? wonders what the upload speed is