SkyBox flashing on and off


Using a Zone with procedural shader in the UserData and a skybox image in the skybox URL.

The sky drops out when I get a couple of hundred meters from the center, no matter how big I make the zone.
It seems to reappear when I rotate but disappear when I move.


There is one thing that happens to me when playing with zones. I sometimes end up creating two of them inadvertently. When that happens to me I get a similar result.


I have checked for other zones, there is only one there.
I did have an old one but I deleted it some time ago.
There are smaller ones inside but they arent in the place I am having trouble, they are some distance away (but still inside the main zone)


I am seeing the same issue on 2 domains, same problem, and on the australia domain I have removed all the zones except the skybox, and its still a problem.


More information:

This issue is directly related to skyboxes.

It doesnt matter if there is a procedural shader or not, I have the same issue on Ventura and it only has a simple jpg type skybox.


Drilling down here.

This problem is only apparent when there are other zones in the scene, but I am outside any of the other zones.

I have one scene where there is only the one skybox and it seems to function perfectly.


Curious I am. Are you having difficulty leveraging a skybox on a zone that exists WITHIN a different zone? Like layers of an onion? I’d like to know you’ve found a bug before I stumble upon it in my work later. :smiley: