Skybox help required


I’ve created a skybox and have imported it into HF, but even though the imported skybox has a 4096px x3072px resolution it still looks very pixelated in HF. How can I make the skybox image sharper and less-pixelated in HF?


Can we see the file ?


Does it have anything to do with the skybox scale? I wonder if a smaller skybox would result in a less pixelated view, but if it gets too small you might start to see the corners and edges of the box.


Is it a jpeg? Too much compression?


It’s not a bad idea to download one of the skyboxes in the marketplace an check the Resolution of those .the word to hit up on Google images is equirectangular then search for 4k images and larger


Not sure if OP has seen this,
.psd templates are helpful. Suggests 1MB jpeg as largest filesize, this seems pretty low actually. Is it better/possible to use a .png?


I use 4096 X 3072 in jpeg…for file around 1 mb and it might work very well. In fact it depend more of the quality of the image. if it’s too contrasted or just not enough blurred you might feel the pixels… (and it’s worst in Desktop mode of course)

Doing skyboxes is an art. :wink:


Note that the skybox texture will be spread very very thin, and that mip mapping that starts hits higher resolution textures.

I feel that the cross type of skyboxes actually get effected by it alot more than the other system.

Instead I checking out using the Equirectangular method if you want the best detail, but as a rule of thumb avoid detail in skyboxes, and instead use them as a lighting tool than something that is detailed. Here is an example of one that I made by hand using Blender

The funny thing is that I used a compression method that made artifacts really visible in the final image, but when you look at it through high fidelity, you barely even see them.


@Menithal how did you manage to produce that photo with blender? Cycles render? Do you have any hints on doing this?