Skybox in zone not loading and where placed tiny at location 0,0,0


Well, i finaly figured out how i did the skybox before. I made a zone around my object. Selected background mode = Skybox. Loaded the skybox from marketplace. Nothing happend, many testig done. many jumps because skyboxes still have loading problems.

At the end i figured out that the marketplace skybox i needed where placed at 0,0,0 instead of inside the current zone i would expect to happen.

So i copied the coordinates manhual from the old zone to the skybox. hopped from one domain to other and back to get it loaded. this seems to work.

It looks like high fidelity is not detecting changes in skyboxes / zones.

I still have the problem when i jump from one path location with skybox B to localhost with the domain skybox it does not change ! I see still problems with skybox loading on my other domain to.