Skybox loading texture and Skybox Color


Could we -please- make it around 30% of the a skybox color if a skybox texture is set and being loaded ?

I’m blinded by the light every time I go somewhere where the skybox color is set to white, and the texture is still loading. Imagine how many retinas can accidentally be burnt off in an HMD!


Warning, To close to the sun.

THanks, for the screenshot. now im blind too :wink:


What I wish for is to be able to blend the skybox locale color with a fixed value. That way I can change the extent of the locale tinting. Right now a blue sky skybox texture makes everything too blue, or oversaturated white if you happen to be hit by cloud lighting.

So Blend mix: -1.0 to +1.0, Blend static color: RGB (this is different than the static coloration setting)
-1 means use the bend static color exclusively +1 mean use the current dynamic local color exclusively.


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