Skydome Texture Mapping Changed?


Something changed in the texture mapping of the skydome in the last interface release(somewhere around 2440) which is now no longer stitching the dome properly or seamlessly. I assumed the images in the HF public images/SkyboxTextures/ directory are canon. They used to work (well except for the top/bottom errors in some of the texture files).



I’m not sure if this is right PR - but I saw some changes fly by earlier;

Corrected Github URL - sorry about that.

Reposting - it’s not really taking the edit…


PR That might shed some light on cubemap work…


I edited the Sunset.jpg texture. Just some mirroring.
Here is the link:


Actually, we weren’t supposed to touch the sky boxes until this weekend anyway. But, @Chris messed up and let the clouds out of the bag. :wink:


Is that anything like letting the magic smoke out of the computer? oO