Slow loading domains and visitors


Domains, the seems to load slow for people if it’s not in the cache.
I now did visit Playa for the second time, because yesterday it really did not load. It still where loading slow.

For most users to slow. People expect to see things on website in few seconds. So let’s say that in 1 minute you expect to see something from the domain. I think that goal is out still of range.

Tried it after cache where loaded, then it’s faster. first white objects appear. then the textures got loaded.
Mabye things go better when we finaly have terrain and water, load that always first !

Now the question.

Is high fidelity loading objects close to the avatar first, that’s important thing to do.
How can we inform visitors better on domain what happens ?


HF seems to have no optimizations nor utility considerations with respect to loading /rendering assets. No nearest to presence load ranking, no frustrum priority loading, no critical to local physics load ranking, etc. It’s not a minimum viable thingie.


That’s not entirely accurate. However, there is certainly work we will be doing to improve.

  1. the meta data about the scene (the entities) are sent to you based on both frustum view and LOD. Culling is done for items that are out of view and/or would be too small to see.

  2. it is however true that once that meta data is sent down (including for example the mesh and collision URLs) we are starting the download of those meshes based on a first come/first serve basis. We could change this ordering, but it wouldn’t necessarily change when things are visible since that is largely depending on the size and download speed of the mesh and ultimately the textures.

Of course we do some optimization… but yes… we can and will do more.