Slow moving blue CIRCULAR mouse pointer?


I don’t know WHERE this idea came from to screw with a perfectly functional mouse pointer but when we need to make use of the POINT, where the hell is it?

Thumbs DOWN on this one! A circle is NOT useful as a mouse pointer


Yay…BugFixing would be too boring…


While I do agree that Hardware accelerated cursor was a good idea, not really fan of the cursor design as of the moment, unless there are bigger UI changes comming in soon…


It looks nice but wtff so slow?


With build 2615 i don’t see any slower cursor movement.
The trange, cannot test it because edit object fails. but i think the center dot is way to big to select soemthing in edit mode.


I don’t know anything about any “acceleration”, in fact, one of my issues with it is actually the reverse! It’s slow to react. Besides, do our graphics cards not already have enough on the plate without unnecessary accessories that only slow the process of progress?


The cursor now visible in the 2D display is the same one you’d get if you were in VR or HMD mode. I’m not sure why it seems slow, unless you’re getting a very low framerate. The position should always map to exactly where the system cursor would be if it were visible, and it shouldn’t impact cursor behavior like acceleration or speed at all.

Part of the reasoning for this is that we’re currently working on code that will allow the cursor to change in order to convey information to the user. For instance, in a web browser, the cursor normally changes to a hand with a finger icon to indicate a clickable link. Correspondingly, in interface an object might be clickable to act as a portal to take you to another location or domain, and we want to convey that through the cursor you’d use to click on it. Other cursors might indicate other forms of interaction (like a ‘grabbable’ indicator). While some of these cursors would have system equivalents, some won’t, so we need some kind of pure interface cursor. We also want to avoid maintaining multiple code paths for VR / Stereo / 2D modes.

The design of the cursors is in the early stages right now, but a first pass should be visible in the client in the next week or two.


As @Jherico by hardware acceleration I meant simply a rendered cursor that will also show on the hmd properly.


I see the normal cursor and also this ring and the ring is much slower as the mouse pointer and so on a fully other place.


GTX660M Alienware laptop Win7 cursor is not only ugly and annoying, it also randomly gets laggy even though I’m clocking > 150 FPS (unless that’s a borked stat too). Latest drivers and all that noise as well. Not a fan.


After shooting a photo I get more and more rings on my screen and my avatar is messed:


Ask patent on that game @summer4me… Find the real mousepointer :slight_smile: OMG that looks terrible.


interface-mac-2487 has worked much better. Now with 2493 again all the circles flow around and the screen flickers.


The mouse pointer is retarded and so are the graphics. Sorry for the lack of tact but I’m on a deadline and don’t have the energy to pussyfoot around fragile proponents- PLEASE hire a designer for these things. It’s after all, the “interface” between the public and the developers, even at an alpha stage. The pace at which things are moving here is making my brain bleed.



There is a reason why a mouse pointer is slanted, why the hotspot is at the corner or tip, and there is a reason why a circle and dot mouse pointer is a major human interface mistake, especially one colored to become invisible in almost all natural backgrounds. Please get rid of that circle, or at the very least give us an option to set it to something different.


the pointer is part of the development. I myself do not have any of the human interface devices. I have the feeling that HID is where the main focus is at the moment. I guess the people that are funding the project dictate what takes priority.


And to attract more people you can better concentrate on mouse / keyboard input. especially now it seems oculus rift is high priced and exclusief for the earlt adopters that like to waste money.

Meanwhile the biggest group start to dislike high fidelity because it’s not friendly to use.
But ok, it’;s alpha. but before it’s going more open somewhere in 2016 ? the really need to have beter keyboard and mouse support


The odd is, it seems not to depend from the frame rate. I have had now open many programs and my frame rate was very low by 7fps, but the circle has moved well. And at other times my frame rate is 30 and it dos bring this many circles.
Also after shooting a photo no flickering, avatar problems and many circles more.
Sintel sends you a kiss for solving this.


Things just got WORSE! Now my domain (as well as several others) won’t show AT ALL!!

ALL I see is the stars. Also the Window information (the domain you are in) NO LONGER SHOWS AT ALL so if your teleport fails, you will not know which empty space you are in!

I mean really, I realize this is ALPHA but come on… upgrades are supposed to be improvements, aren’t they? We are NOT Microsoft after all (the kings of the software screw-ups)


No it shouldn’t but it does. BTW a target motif is a STUPID model for a MOUSE POINTER!