Smaller with a hat


Is it me or my avatar look smaller with a hat?

The same fuse avatar (not even edited in blender)
one has a hat, the other not…
The one with the hat is smaller.
(It seems to scale it based on it’s height instead of using the model scale)


You could try the hat as a soft attachment, don’t think it affects height, plus you can wear many different ones!


Avatar scaling is done from the base avatar height. And avatar scale sets the height of the avatar to a specific height. So as @whyroc suggests, change the hat to a soft attachment.


So you suggest that the hair cut will also have to be attachment.
I supposed that I will have to do some rigging on that attachment too (which means try to do that in Blender… sigh… )


So in the case where we will have 3rd party avatar provider… like “Ready Room” (or “Room Ready”) for example… where avatar might arrives all baked with their clothes… the same avatar with the big hat will suddenly looks a humpalumpa… Hum… I’m really not sure that’s a good thing.


Not really a Oopalompa, it would just be shorter by default as the avatar height is bound to the scale of your avatar.

This is also why my base line 1.0 avatar scale is goes to aprx 1.7m, even though my avatar should only be 1.5 m tall counting the ears…