Smooth or Faceted


I have a question and the answer might be an obvious one to some, but for me not so much. I exported the FBX file of this sphere using Blender and I uploaded a copy to my digital ocean space and one to my asset server. I rezzed both as seen here in the image. Why is one smooth and one faceted? They are the same file.


Sounds like the latest oven used by the ATP to bake assets is malfunctioning, which is weird because I tested it earlier and had no issues. This was testing both Linux and Windows.


yes same: Oven and baking issues

I have been wondering how hifi handles smooth/sharp edges and my tests with fbx models from blender so far shows:

If the model is set to use interpolated vertex normals (smooth shading in blender) this is applied to all edges, even if they are marked as ‘sharp’, except for the edges of UV islands, they are always sharp.

If the model is set to no use face normals (flat shading in blender) they are indeed all sharp.

The oven, external or ATP sets the model to use face normals, so all sharp, all the way.

Don’t take my word for it, I never knew interpolated vertex normals was a thing before I started having issues, so not an expert.


That actually reminds me of the results I got when I made the mistake of converting a DAE file into an OBJ file in one of those webpage-based converters, though I also had similar results when I converted a DAE to OBJ in Blender. I was using Mesh Studio in SL to convert a linkset I’d originally made in opensim over into mesh, with the intention of using the resulting mesh in Daz Studio, but mistakenly thought I’d have to then convert the DAE into an OBJ before I could use it in Daz Studio. Turns out Daz Studio supports DAE files natively. and gives much nicer results.