Snaphot errors. Discourse API Key is missing?


Hello. Whenever I take a CTRL-S snapshot it saves to my hard drive, but if I try to share it I get this error message: Your discourse API key is missing.Please try to relog.
Relogging never fixes this. Any ideas ? Thanks. Franny


Just tried it on windows 7 - 64bit , build 1781 but it works for me fine.

What build and OS you use ?


It is an error on our end @DrFranny - sorry about that. I am fixing it now.


I always update, so I am on the newest build, and I am using Windows 8.


@DrFranny looks like your username in discourse is ‘DrFranny’ and on our database side it is ‘Franny’. Which would you like to use?


Franny please! I kind thought that was it.


Okay! Fixed your username on Discourse and you have an API key in your account now. You should be able to post screenshots now.


Still agree that high fidelity only works at its best if every domain have a placename.


I am seeing this problem with Windows Interface build 4331 as at 5th March 2016 after updating today following travel.

Relog seems to have no effect, e.g. logging off avatar and logging back on has no effect. Restarting Interface has no effect.


Hey @Ai_Austin - since moving to managed discourse the snapshot share to the forum is no longer hooked up.

We are evaluating alternatives for public sharing of in-world screenshots.


Got it thanks @b May be worth removing the functionality from the Interface then to prevent the error message appearing?


Yep - I’ll be doing that this week. Thanks!


Hey @b, if you are removing the shapshot functionality from the keyboard can you provide the script equivalent in the forum? I was very realistically considering it a quick way for a bot-as-avatar on the AssignmentClient to act as a “security camera”

Please don’t do away with this; or at a minimum give us scriptable access.



We won’t be pulling the ability to create snapshots all together, just the piece that used to send them to the forum.

It will be very difficult to leverage that functionality from the AC though. It’s currently only present in the client because it’s the only component that renders.