SnappyTree, mesh tree generator


I know this side for a while, And use a few tree’s in opensim. but i think its very good for High Fidelity to. Only not get time to play with it. Its GNU software , look under about/credit for the source code link Github snappytree link

Snappytree generator page

Branches textures


@Richardus that is really cool. Have you worked out how to add the textures after exporting?


No, not in Higfh Fideltiy. in SL and opensim you add it later inworld as texture
Possible in blender it can be done to as texture.


It would be kinda cool if fractal content could be transferred to clients by algorithm in general.
The viewer then would only generate the part that is visible; and the transferal of the algorithm
would take only a fraction of the time of what it would take when every raw voxel had to be

For example, I can imagine that with a 100 to 200 line script one could define an openspace
in a forest of immense size, including grass and other plants - once one can rely on a library
of fractal scripts to generate basic things like grass, trees, plants etc. You could fill a whole
planet with it - including mountains and rivers and lakes… and everyone would see the same
details at every position on the planet - while it would only take a fraction of a second to download.


It is a very cool example of what is possible with webgl


well it sorta works. um
the textures aren’t exported with the model and the ones on the site don’t have alpha.
so this one I changed the alpha texture also the trunk texture really needs a proper uv
apart from that its pretty good :smile:)


The ones on the site have alpha. In case you looked wrong, the textures are here.

Snappy tree branch textures


ah great I missed that thanks