So a question about this game

and it is a game… It is free to play… sorta…honestly, i haven’t even been able to join in because I use linux and for some reason that is fucked up. even though the world’s computing industry runs on linux. but the thing that gets me is that as a free and open source game it’s all about money… hear me out. this is being made with the sole purpose of making money. You have a bank, a marketplace and honestly your sole purpose is to take money from consumers. That is a real business.

it is not why people make free and open source things. If I make something and give it to you for free. I do not expect anything from you. Sadly, i feel that this is an amazing, but sad abuse of the free and open source movement

sorry new here, i may have put this in the wrong section

Seriously, in you documentation it says to make an avatar to sell on the marketplace use Fuse. In case you don’t realize that is completely against their terms of use. Unless I missed something. You are building a world out of fucking one’s and zero’s and don’t even care about the consequences. But your free? really? and ok open source anyone can check that out/ but how many will? I assume your crypto currency is directly related to how many people you get aboard.

Not cultish at all. if you buy this gold medallion you will be saved.

it’s like me saying I am Christian even if I am not just to sell some crosses I made. and i am not christian, but just an example.

I am not against what you are doing. I am against the way you are presenting it. If you are doing it to make money say that. But do not promote it as a free and open source thing that is not a really free and open source thing.

and i guess what bothers me the most is your telling people that it’s ok to not care. that now you live in a virtual world where you can use avatars that you didn’t create and it’s ok. all you need is an apointment at our bank. Do any of you not see where this is starting to sound odd. your duping thousands of people. Because in order to join your shit you have to make an avatar. and most people don’t know how to do that. so unless you have some deal with Adobe that your not telling us. your setting us up for failure.

or your making a deal with adobe and not telling everyone… or your not making a deal with adobe and your just hoping they won’t give a shit… either way its bad business

your asking people to put their lives and money in your hands

and sadly if it all goes to shit… you walk away and those poor people suffer. please quit abusing the free and open source movement