So this is an Alpha, but I have to pay for a world?


Went to get a place name and it said 20 bucks for a year. That doesn’t seem right for an Alpha… At least no alpha I’ve been involved with. What is the thinking behind this?


Have no idea of what thinking was behind it, but, I will say this much. You don’t have to have a place name to have a place in the world. You can still run your server side code and say connect to me like hifi://some.ip.address/ hif:// etc. But to get a named place like hifi://sandbox/ you have to pay the 20/year.


Okay. I"m still looking at this and learning the ropes. I just figured I could create a name/place and get something started. I did read through the emails and message and such but it didn’t mention anything about purchasing a name. I did see it talked about on the forum. Ah well, I’ll get this stuff figured out.


Good luck and welcome. I’m sure other will have similar questions and someone in a position to actually have a valid comment will chime in. But - regardless of names… you can still do a lot of things, learn and participate. It’s a lot of fun, interesting and exciting, but, as with anything this new can be daunting and/or frustrating at times too.


Thanks for the welcome. I was just a little surprised is all :slight_smile: I can see them charging if they have need for dev money. Ideas like early access and such are pretty common now. I’m reading up on this before I do anything more.


As far as I know you can still get a temporary name (30 days… random name) by just clicking on share button. If you want to keep name of your choice, year is $20. But not much stopping you from renewing and getting new random name after 30 days… of just using the real URL for it… but… that doesn’t work very well for localhost or numeric URLs… or something like that… if i were you id try the auto settings and the shared url


Welcome, Random! Because place names are unique, we need some sort of reasonable way to ensure that early arrivals don’t register them all (or at least too many of them) - which would certainly happen if they were free. So after thinking about it we felt that simply charging in the same way we anticipate we will as things get further underway made sense as the fairest way of doing it.

And yes, as Omega said - you certainly don’t need to buy anything to use both client and server.


Thanks for clearing it up. I was wondering about this same thing. Will the fee increase once the system is mainstream and gains popularity or will it continue to be a flat rate? Will early adopters be entitled to future credits or discounts?