So what do you do here?


Ok so I built a few voxels and made a few scripts, I’m not currently set up for mesh though now that I’ve seen a javascript 3D mesh software, I guess nothing will be out of hand.

But what else is there to do?

Sure, sure there is plenty, I just haven’t found what speaks to me.

I thought we might introduce ourselves again now that we’ve tried out the alpha a bit and such. What’s got you excited and what do you hope improves soon?

Me? I’m just a software tester who likes to poke and prod at new software for kicks :smile:
… and you?


Play music, make noise, make scripts and models. Great question @BluemanSteele!


I am primarily a 3D modeller, using Blender, ZBrush and Photoshop. I learned to script in SL, and I am using Codecademy right now to further my scripting skills. I want to learn javascript. My immediate goal is to get things working for me to bring 3D models with their textures into High Fidelity. There will be bumps along the way for me, and the developers, and I am a patient and persistant woman.

A more long term goal will be for me to host some sort of area or region on a server, perhaps using my own computer, and build a town or area. I own two sims in Second Life (since 2005) and have done full sim builds before. It is a huge project in itself. I would like to make terrain with hills, caves, and water, buildings, and I would also like to be able to make moving non-player characters that I can rig and animate and script to produce desired behaviours.

I think that should keep me busy and learning new things for quite a while.

This thread is a good idea, so we know each other’s goals and interests.

If you are curious about what I like to do, here is a video of my last build done with a friend using my two and his one sim. The buildings were done by him and me, and I did purchase some NPCs, plants, trees and furnishings from others.


I am very excited to be part of this alpha. What I want to do here is find away for hifi to have cloth physics in clothing that react to the aviator movement. I have a background in RL fashion design (before I was forced t
ire due the young onset Parkinson’s disease.) This early retirement left me with lots of time and little to do. 2007 that all changed when I discovered second life. From my fashion days I used programs like marvelous designer, Photoshop, illustrator and some very complicated cad systems for fabric design.
After discovering SL and learning to create with prims I found it did not hold my interest. So I turned to learning maya and creating content. When SL rolled out mesh I started my shop BlueMoon enterprise with my avatars Solas NaGealai.
Last summer I also worked with the owners of inworldz to help with their fitted mesh. Before they rolled out mesh. I must say that the deformer they built in the viewer is amazing and an easy way for all mesh to fit any avatar. It’s to bad SL didn’t follow their lead. (But don’t get me going on SL’s fitted mesh)

Ok long story short now that I got a cost on avi rigged and in hifi, next on my list is to make a custom head via faceshift. Then to find a away to bring in rigged clothing, then cloth physics. Oh I also hope to get the motion thingy … oh I could go on for ever… I love to learn.


I love building, but afraid a bit in burnout with that. Tryng to restart myself.
Meanwhile preparing stuff to run my own HiFi server.
Want my own server, thats the problem why SL is boring for me, no land to be creative = no sparks to get creative.
I just like to build, with buyed or made things. Right now the scripts or hifi interface is not always friends with me and want to crash. Yes its alpha, so doing it slow and give it time to get better. menawile i do what i do for years with opensim. finding bugs and problems.

Need to reserve a bit more time for HiFi to :smile:)
See much hope in a better virtual world, as long the
support the old mouse / keyboard style to, thats really needed to get some people in.


I have been in SL since 2006. I initially did a lot of building, content creation and property rentals, but lost interest as RL made bigger demands on my time. I currently own a very small patch of land just to keep my feet in the door. I have spent most of my virtual time in Kitely for the last year, where I have been working on a four-sim city. My strange background involves ceramic arts (ten years as a full-time professional potter), part-time publishing (novels and journals for various individuals), but mostly teaching math and chemistry in Canada, Scotland and China, and blogging. Oh, and I have been a Photoshop junkie forever! Now that I am retired in sunny, but slightly off-kilter, Thailand, I finally have time to properly learn Blender and Maya. Although I will start with buildings and other static stuff, I am mostly excited about character creation, especially the whole faceshift thing. My ultimate goal is to create my own custom rigged avatars with all the accompanying bells and whistles that will be possible. As for what I hope improves soon… it would be nice if our own little pieces of the rock were protected and couldn’t be blasted out of the metaverse on a regular basis. It would give me more incentive to play around with voxels!

Here are some of my latest builds in Kitely. Lots of skyscrapers so not really visible!


I have as well collaborated with a talented scripter on a few projects. One project was a tarn race track, shown in the video below. Please forgive the video length, and the fact that my cursor shows. It was my first machinima. My friend did most of this. We collaborated on the tournament board. He did most of what you see. I made the birds and scripted their animation, and made the statue of the raptor. He scripted them as vehicles to fly through the hoops. He built the sim sized race track and buildings, and made and scripted the race system. It is fun to do things like this with friends, and as you see many people seem to enjoy the racing. It is a regular event in Second Life.

I have heard it said that Second Life is not a good platform for building games. That is certainly true for some types of games, first person shooters for example. Games do not have to be limited to that one genre that seems to appeal to a large audience, but excludes many.

With javascripting and the ability to create our own worlds with their own rules, I think HiFi will be even more exciting.


Building objects etc. with your hands. (no mouse) would not be a bad idea to.
And thats what High Fidelity like to see. would save lots of painfull fingers.

I say with hands, so not some controller you hold.
Some payable wands would be the best for that i think.


I’m mostly excited about the prospect of expressionate avatars that mirror your expressions and with the wave of new sensor tech can move as you do. I hope to one day create an avatar thats not photorealistic but highly expressionate and give real presence, emotion and performance. Im not a coder though so i have to scrape together the technology and software where i can.

So far things are not quite at a point where i can do what i want, but tis all coming together slowly, it’s only a matter of time.


Well, i have seen more about the interaction and expressions. the look not so bad. unless i would wear it :slight_smile: i just need a bit more to me to get used to things thats why i like it to be here to.


Like Richardus, my eventual goal is to get enough of an understanding of hifi to run my own server. I’ve only been inside a handful of times and there’s still a lot I’m confused about and need to read up on. I’m very unhappy with opensim and the “scene” there, so if I get to a point where I’m able to set up my own server, make an avatar, and create content for my world …the time I would normally spend on opensim will probably be spent on hifi instead.

So, “what I do here” at the moment is “learn the ropes”; I’m hoping that will change and I can make my own regions (or hifi equivalent) here.