Soft Lock Crash - No Report


Currently, I am getting a soft lock of interface.exe in VR and in Desktop mode that never prompts the bug splat bug report, and requires a Ctrl+Shift+Esc to force-quit the application. Also noted by @jbond and @smashuu

It’s been going since beta 59 so far as I can tell. Anyone else having this issue?

Technologies leveraged that could be contributing:

  • stack-manager .js files
  • extensive use of the messages-mixer
  • stack-manager apache instance running
  • stack-manager oracle db instance running

This configuration has been setup on two different types of hardware in an attempt to mitigate the problem. First noticed on a HP ProLiant Server and more recently on a localhost install to a VR-ready desktop.

Prior to the holiday, there were certain ‘promises’ made that eluded to the fact that you guys were setting up a developer portal. What’s the status there? Thanks in advance.

@b, @Frizzlefry, @c, @philip


I think i get that 2
if i leave hifi minamzided or windows locks due to inactivity i come back and hifi will have frozen up requiring me killing it in task manager


Hi @AlphaVersionD,

I’ll ask around to see if this is known. If this happens again, would be willing to send us your debug dump for further examination?

Are you at least seeing this prompt after?



Correction to my original reply of ‘yes’.

Will I be willing to send the debug dump? - sure, no problem.
Am I seeing the prompt? - that is part of the issue, sometimes it prompts and sometimes it doesn’t. I have been a dedicated reporter of crashes if and when they happen, and I have been unable to get this information soft-lock data out to you guys.

Did you find out if this is a ‘known issue’ when using the above tech stack?

Thanks miladn!