[Solved] Interface.exe crashes immediately on startup


So a friend talked me into trying High Fidelity. I’m on a Linux box and don’t want to install the 32,768 dependencies needed to build a native client so I downloaded the Windows installer and fired up a Windows 10 VM. Installed client and server, no errors, but when I ran interface.exe I got a blank background and a Windows error dialog telling me that interface.exe has stopped working.

Tried build #4057 first and then 4062 a few hours later, same result.

Has anyone successfully run a recent (2016-01-25 or later) client on Windows 10? Any pointers as to what I can reconfigure/tweak/install to make it happy? That error message isn’t very informative… I figured out that it stopped working all by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I’m living up to my name once again!


Many of us do so natively I’m looking at it on Win 10 right now. It’s likely the 3D opengl render exposure made by VM isn’t good enough to meet HF’s requirements or you have insufficient openGL support on hardware side for VM to pass on to Win 10. I have ran Linux build of Interface in a VM using VMWare - never was able to get Virtual Box’ 3D support to work.


I expect like @OmegaHeron is saying and my experiences that your VM is not having the requirements for interface.exe. that 3D support failed always for me.


That makes sense, thanks. Unfortunately my Windows box is employer-owned hardware and they would frown on installing non-work-related goodies. I’ll have to put this aside until I can cobble together a spare PC and hard drive I can install Windows on.


Well, if you ever wish to try to compile hifi on your machine and need help, this is the place to come to. All we need to know is distro and version.