[solved] Reference error: Toolbar


Hello and thanks for reading :smile:

Ever since I started using the Interface, I have been struggling to do pretty much anything in HiFi. The other day, I noticed that the log window was displaying an error, that gets updated like twice or more a second, always displaying the same message:

This problem has persisted over the last three new releases of the Interface. I have no clue what the error means, or how it affects my experience in HiFi… I hope someone knows :smiley:

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PS I noticed that the image isnt very readable… it says

Uncaught exception at line 638 : "ReferenceError: can’t find variable: “Toolbar”


@ZappoMan should weigh on in this, but I think that’s a running script that is trying to access a variable ToolBar that doesn’t actually exist.

Can you check which scripts are running via your ‘Running Scripts’ dialog?


I am running:


Nothing else running at the moment (I wouldn’t know how, because I dont’t know scripting yet to make something usable :wink: )



Interesting - it looks like defaultScripts, if you have the latest version, is itself loading a version of editModels. Could you stop the second editModels you see in your running scripts?


Hi @Kiyoshi that is the result of a bad script running try to stop all scripts by clicking CTRL J or COMMAND J on Mac.



it was indeed the editmodels.js that was causing the problems. I disabled it and now the error messages are gone.