Some basic workflow topics that need covering in the docs IMHO


Hi Folks,
as I work my way through my first day or two on hifi I’ve a few things which seem pretty basic to me but seem unanswered in the docs, sorry to pester, but perhaps this can guide whoever is writing the howtos as well, it’s good to have the perspective of someone who hasn’t been involved in development I hope!

  1. How do I start a domain afresh?
    a) How can I get a blank new domain rather than the home example?
    b) How can I get a new copy of the example to start with

  2. Where is my content kept and how do I backup / restore?

  3. Can I have several different sandbox domains on the go and switch between them?

  4. Will file:// URLs work for development purposes or do I need to run a webserver from the start?

That’ll do for now :slight_smile: It’s great that the sandbox sets things up for a quick start but it also hides all the details of managing worlds from the beginner. As the editor has no undo (as far as I can tell) then I’m nervous about deleting stuff without knowing how to start afresh. Likewise if I’m to start putting some time into a creation then I’d like to be able to keep backups before I make drastic changes in case something breaks.



Anything you delete from your virtual world that was included in the “package” will still exist on the storage space of the asset server, until you delete it from the hard disk. At that point, it will not exist in your Asset Browser on toggle of the window.