Some dialog-box matters in Interface


One thing that crossed my mind tonight as I was coming back in after multiple crashes was how every single time, I had to go through the same two dialog boxes at launch. The first one is the one that asks if I want to continue using the previous settings or start anew. It occurred to me suddenly… why isn’t there a “Do THIS selected choice for all subsequent instances” checkbox in there? That would be so handy. Of course, for that to work best, there’d also need to be a way to go in and change that from a drop-down menu inside Interface later,

The other issue had to do with one of the add on scripts I have in Interface, which I had installed from HF Marketplace, namely, the Metaverse Chat. Every cotton pickin’ time, I have to type in my intended name again, and then move the chat window over where I want it again. Every cotton pickin’ time. I’d really love it the Metaverse Chat remembered the entered name, and the window position, from session to session. Well, remembering the name, at least.


This ask of Nov 16th 2016? two options, one is don’t load new content.


Hmmmmm… I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same dialog here. I’m referring to the one that gets triggered at launch if you crashed out of Interface last time, the one that asks if I want to continue with your existing settings (such as Interface window placement, login name, where my av was standing in world when I logged out, etc etc), retain SOME of those settings, or start the settings over from scratch.


It was that one and others. My point is that asks like yours and the one I made, as have others, aren’t noticed or are not considered worthy or higher priority than the other smaller things that have been implemented. Maybe it’s time to go over to dev’s problem tracking system and drop them there.