Some entities not load after reload content or from my marketplace test json


I have a weird problem. SInce the golf challenge (localhost sandbox)
I noticd that after a reload content that not always all entities did load back.
Am forced to restart interface.exe

Now i wanted to test something with parent and child entity with marketplace.

But this test file is not loading or get visible on my domain to. It works on sandbox, not sure if that is running a newer version.

Already did restart my doimain now, but still no luck. The log is not telling me more then this. [09/30 16:10:44] [DEBUG] Reading from JSON SVO Stream length: 1881

Now i decided to delete the master parent and child entity.
And now the json file is loading ! So on what bug did i stepped this time ?

What i did.

  • Rezz a parent entity sphere. Rezz a child entity cube, made both a new color.
  • Then l linked the cube as child to the parent sphere.
  • After that i made a json file and did uplaod taht to marketplace as test.
  • Then i tried to load the json back in my domain.
  • And i did this test to see what happens around the parent and child UUID, mabye that gives a conflict when the orginal object is still around ? Am not sure.

At the end i now know i can make a modified chair script and change a few things to get it working right.
But anybody idea why there are sometimes loading problems ?