Some getting started questions


First day playing.

I played earlier on my Oculus Rift in VR, played Bingo. I had selected an Avatar at that time. Later, I installed High Fidelity on my other computer so I can play around in desktop mode. I’m logged in as the same user, but I don’t see the avatar I selected earlier at all. This was an avatar I selected for now from the default starting area.

My other question, is how to “text to speech”, I see some people typing and it speaks but I don’t see where to type my text. Is that some kind of 3rd party tool?


You need to get the tool on marketplace (when you are in-world)


Hello! Thanks for joining High Fidelity. As for the first question, this is because the settings file (which stores a lot of data, including which avatar you are wearing) is stored on a user’s local machine and not anywhere on the Internet. The file is inside your AppData directory (on Windows) under Roaming\High Fidelity\Interface.json, and can be copied over to the other machine.