Some noob questions


Hello :smile:

I have been pottering around for the day and getting acquainted with the new software and love it. I do however have a couple of questions I cant find directly answered anywhere.

First, is there an overview of keyboard shortcuts available somewhere? Navigation is proving to be challenging.

With respect to land - Am I correct in the assumption that there is no “land” a la second life? So all items must be created externally and imported?

Also, what is the “point” of the planetary style halo? I notice an object I place “in the blue” looks odd when one cams out, appearing half-in, half-out of space.



If you look in View there’s an edit entities help for shortcuts. Yup there’s no land unless you import it.
The halo just represents the ground really so you can get your bearings I think.


HF is great, but you’re in the Alpha stage here. HF is being developd and is not an end user product - yet!
Please don’t expect the full finish you will get from a well known product. If you see something you want - make it yourself and share it is a good rule of thumb.


Thanks Triplexx, those were what I was looking for. I can navigate a bit better now.

Debs - Thanks, I am well aware this is just alpha right now. Just asking questions on the current setup.


Custom skies and atmospheres will be coming soon.


I also understand it’s alpha, so this is a gentle nudge about intuitiveness.

First time on this was last night, and found some other people in the “Music” area who told me where in the Interface I would go to change my avatar from the cute little floaty robot. And in response, I said, “Ah, OK, let’s look at heads.”

One of the other people warned, “Oh, no, don’t click head. If you do that, then you grab a body, you’ll have to deal with getting rid of the extra head. Bodies come with heads already.”

Well, the HEAD choice is above the BODY choice, so that’s counter-intuitive thing one.

Then - clicked the thing to choose a body - and I get a list of headshots. Huh. OK. Grabbed Jim.

Wasn’t until after I was done that I saw that Jim was a beat-cop. Not that I have anything against cops, but that’s very much not how I’d wish to appear. Shouldn’t the pile-o-thumbnails for BODY be all thumbnails of bodies? Wouldn’t that make a ton more sense?

So I’d think it’d be helpful to put the BODY chooser thing above the HEAD chooser thing in the Preferences. It’s both alphabetically more sensible but also, as it happens, logically more sensible.

Tonight I’m going to install Blender, and see if I can make some raw, rough efforts toward building myself an avatar. I’m thinking something like a Yamaha WX5 with googly eyes and Mickey-Mouse-ish limbs… and a MIDI cable for a tail.


Just as general information, there is an unofficial Wiki that has a page for posting noob problems: Snippets and informal posts are fine, so you don’t have to bother writing a full Wiki article or anything.

The value in putting things there is that the info will be recorded in a central place and it will be seen by others who may be inspired to add something to the Wiki in a more formal way. It’s a step towards filling in the space below the ‘basic’ level of the current docs.