Some stuff on how the Internet needs to go back to decentralization


There are a couple interesting things that showed up today in my twitter feed that speak on the importance of decentralization of all our Internet services, and how we move away from that and into big, centralized services at our disservice and danger.

and also this article (with its own included videos):

It is reasons like this that make me side much more with HiFi over, say, Linden Lab’s efforts, and why I want HiFi to succeed over Project Sansar.


Oddly enough , while working in the industry there has been a trend of decentralization atleast in terms of server architecture… There still is centralization of services to specific companies and platforms.

The video in your post though is due to a social centralization, this is because the average user simply do not know how to run a server (it is a power user thing), yet there has been an increase in amount of users. This has snowballed into the big social services such aa fb and twitter.