Some textures not loading anymore. ATP. (and the came back after this post :( )


ADD: Oh, After all the tests. ow the textures are back after relog… But the did not appear with loading object you just did load into ATP. Curious if this is the UDP problem someone talked about, or some new problem that sometimes can appear.

Ok, jjst wanted to test something because my texture problem.
The object did keep grey wiyhout textures. mabye forgot to add textures. but no after 2 more tries it still same result but textures included.

Now i look around on my sim and more textures are not loading anymore. SO from loading wrong we downgrded to not loading at all…

Looks like the textures that use the best unwrap option in blender, “cubic projection” are now more broken. But straight out of my mind the brown brick is also cubic projection unwrapped, but need to check that out later if possible. unless it’s already fixt.


Same problem just did appeared again. Some textures where not loading. until i did a viewer relog.

Before that i did load ATP object with missing textures forgot to toggle in blender. Then i did a new ATP and some textures did not load.