Some thoughts about my experience


Hi High Fidelity community

a few weeks ago, I’m online for the first time in High Fidelity and visit the platform almost every day. What I noticed very positively, the very spontaneous and very friendly reception and the always cheerful and very friendly people in High Fidelity.

Unfortunately I have not noticed so beautiful things, so some things are missing and some things are too complicated.

I do not want anyone to go too close and do not appreciate the work that is required, I hope to describe the situation from the perspective of a normal user.

  1. Creating and Modifying Things Inworld is too complicated for normal users (I can not think of a better example at the moment than Sansar). slightly displaces the object on the horizon if one is not careful. I think very many users have massive problems with the TouchControler Inworld (Here Oculus Rift).
  2. It is urgently needed a payment system (as I’ve read it is worked on :)) so that content creators get the needed motivation to get things done.
    1. more avatars are needed (comparable to Maitreya or similar men Avatars and Catwa (sorry for comparisons) People want to come into a world and change into different forms and shapes.
  3. At the moment, there is not a lot of content and many users miss the basis for example, roll games. so lack the seat, couch and animations to perform roles games. I think everyone knows what I mean a platform will only survive längerger time when a healthy relationship consists of fun, eroticism, tension, chat, chill.
  4. Next, dance animations are needed, I see it in every platform people want to turn off dancing (together or individually) for have fun … etc.
    I apologize my very bad english and I hope that I am not misunderstood.
    A very good work has been done so far and many people have given their best.



Not sure that we want dance animations… Not sure how it would be in HMD to have an animation dancing for me… That would need gravol to go dance :wink:

That said, you can already dance with your controlers… (it’s already more fun than any animation, even with just the hand controlers)
And you can even plug the feet now if you want to.


Hello Alezia


I doubt my apartment neighbors find it funny when I jump around in my apartment at night :slight_smile: and only to be active with the hands would be at least for me after a while boring and 2 hours with the hands to be active hmmm … ok :slight_smile: some sports would certainly do me good.

OMG my belly is too big LoL ^ _ ^

But everyone sees it differently that is right and good so.

At a dance where you dance together you can make sure that the anim takes control of the hands.

And I have the Oculus Rift there, there are no sensors for the feet, I hope I have not overlooked what.

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:



What your describing reminds me of a game called second life. I think maybe that would suit your needs more.


sorry but when I think how long this Palttform is already programmed and only a handful user has … the rest I think of myself …

No Thanks I was almost 9 years in SL but thanks for your reference I … but perhaps I will keep my thoughts better for myself in the future … quite quietly behind the bus

Thanks Judas for your comment :slight_smile:


I’m being flippant
I agree it’s too complex
I think editing should be hand based only
I think hifi should be vr only no desktop mode
If the end goal is full motion tracking then we don’t need sits or animations
Secondlife is shrinking so can’t be the template to follow.the next generation don’t play it cos it’s boring and full of old people
We must be different


I give you in some things right VR is not second life … or why do you think I’m here. There were only suggestions … will be a community and that does not mean Morsanula I have only pointed out a few things … more not.

and as long as I do not attack anyone, I will also participate in proposals

Sorry for my english


Fully agree, that’s VR…
the desktop mode is mainly useful for building. (and even that, in a few years we might not even need it for that too)

Most of your points are still valid by the way.


Have you tried the VR editing mode in Unreal Engine?

It’s a glorified gimmick that no one actually serious about creating content ever uses. Just basically an opportunity for positive PR for Epic Games. nothing more. A fancy buzzword that sounds cool but is terrible in practice.

Just a few of the comments from UE4 users:



Without desktop editing, most creators will not take High Fidelity seriously.


Maybe we need to define a difference between building and editing
Buildings what u use blender for
Edit is how I push the chair under the table
Jack of all trades master of none
It’s pointless making hifi a building tool it will never be as good as a dedicated tool
Edit can however be intuitive and simple


Hey boy! Edit you chair, please!


I agree with that is a big difference


I have to disagree, Editing is more than "how you push the chair under the table."
Unless we just want to import static scenes we need to use editing to arrange instances of our models and more importantly to add, configure and test interactivity through scripting. Editing is also required to set the physics properties of entities and create types like zones and particles that are specific the Hifi.


My viewpoint is that I want hifi to be really simple and intuative for the end user to use
I also think the right tool for the right job is important
I dont have menus or popup dialogues in my real life so I dont want them here if possible.
I want some cool scripts for the 3d packages, maya blender etc that allow me to import and export complete domains lighting zones and all. once in blender I can faff around with all the settings
I hit done and it does everything to put it all back in hifi for me.
Once its in hifi stuff I was big enought to move I could just pick up and move with my hands assuming I have permissions
The clever bit is if i really do want to move a house, i have to make myself big enough to move a house, the mass of the objects is defined by the size
this means I wont accidentally throw the house across the domain when im trying to move the chair.

I dont think anyone wants to script in vr cos it would be stupid slow it is more suited to a keyboard and mouse.Once we can reliably 10 finger type in vr maybe but at the moment typing seems to be more like playing a xylophone.

But if the scripters make the builders this fabled plugin i want, then the builders woudl be happy to script the scripters a plugin for the coding software to um do the same kinda thing


I thought your comments were put very well, always appreciate feedback from different perspectives…and the english was fine:) long been searching for the reason why some of us stick around and some not, the more raw the experience the better.

I think some of us do truly want what second life was or might have been for them at one time… ok well we all get tired of things and move on, but it’s like they say for a strong drug, the first hit may always be the sweetest.

Key was that there was a group of people, most you never know… working towards something bigger. I was hooked on the mainland idea, and the entrepreneurial feel to it… So I guess we have that in spades here in HIFI even though its a bit of a dogs breakfast.



Can someone tell me whether now on the touch controllers is worked, in the momentary version I can not handle it.

  1. a fine adjustment of the objects (accurate positioning is very difficult)
  2. the handling to rotate, move and enlarge … reduce the size of objects is very unfavorable.

Also the disturbing enlarge reminds me the editing of Second Life Prims (just because someone was written to me “VR is” not second life), thats true … but for any things i must switch into Desktop Mode … why we are a vr platform

If the condition to edit and edit remain so (VR mode) I think that I am not once again intensively deal with high fidelity.

at the time when I can be online are almost no people online so only the creation of things and just my device to decorate … but because of the controller is somehow the pleasure passed.

Hope for positive changes in the near future.


I think they are working on the missing bones before add more flesh to the thing.

Put the hat of the architect to figure where the priority should go first and you will see… yes, a better set of positioning tools can wait if you consider what is still to be done.

For now, you need to be patient and cartesian and do thing using the coordinates if you want to be accurate.


i am now in OS Grid … found many cool ppl too in 1 Hour (so in HF too ) … will connect from time to time in HF see whats going on and hope in future all comes a bit more easy for normal User … in many Platform have cool and nice PPL …

For normal User HF is more Alpha state not Beta … i am must develop and program in my RL Job not want do the same in my free time … but i am sure in future HF comes cool and nice for all User


I knew I wasn’t cool :wink:


pfffff … LoL …