Some thoughts on audio


Rather than place these as worklist items - I’ll just list here.

Add sanity checks to reverb so you can’t set values that lead to feedback loops. It’s clear there are sane limits - enforce them.

Find source of what I can only describe as someone sounding like they’ve dropped Mr Microphone into a coffee grinder - we’ve heard that more than once at alpha meetings.

No idea if anyone else is getting this, but I get a loud series of clicks when AVs enter domain. I looked at samples coming to my soundcard and it’s clearly a transient being caused by an abrupt phase change to incoming samples. In other words - you need to feather in a mixed stream, and also limit its peak instant response. Having a perforated eardrum I can strongly say - I no longer use audio here with headphones.

It seems audio is in a position of moving forward without addressing some issues that have been present for a long time.