Some VR create suggestions


Few days ago i where in VR. and i needed to fix soemthing. So why not try it. It’s a real improvement and workable to move items since this tool fot add to move and scale.

Now i found a few problems.

  1. The tablet doe snot have view priority above the object tool for scale and move. So it’s hard to work and see on the table things when the move tool is blocking view.

Let the tablet always be displayed on top of the tool. not a 50/50 with the move tool as higher display priority for the tabel.

  1. Why are entities grabbable in edit ? when we have the tool in the above picture that is 100% and works perfect in VR compared to grab and try to move and place things. when you now try to select something you move the object very easy by accident.

Disable grabbing in edit mode or add option it can be turned off. Now it’s in conflict. with other things you try todo in create mode. like selecting or moving with the tool. and grab by accident wrong.

Now i wanted to check soem thing i bump into old bug with steamVR.