Sound, Distance, Entity LOD crazyness. and hint for ambiance sound placement


This is a bit crazy. abd the way to get it working looks so weird to.
I have a small blue ambience sound cube 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 in size. SOrry, bad color on the pictures :open_mouth:

The blue sound cube start to generate when am near the green line or beyond it.

The sound is gone at the red line.

Now i Teleport top other domain and back. there’s no sound between the red and the green line. That is where you want to hear the sound. To trigger the sound play the entity need to be visible first. But between the red and green line that does not happen. So there’s no sound and the ambience immersive feeling is gone.

And now the workaround. For me it feels like a crazy stupid workaround but it’s really the only way…

The solution is to make the blue sound entity big ! in this case 30, .1, 30 meters

Also because the sound need to be low on ground level i made the entity phantom

After this crazy workaround be increasing entity size. the sound works how i want. But this is going to ebe a crazy case in a city with many sounds entities that you need to hear from a distance and get louder when you come closer.

Sounds like the biggest nightmare for builders !
Not sure if there are other solutions or if this can be implemented different for sounds.

Solution for now if you want to hear to sound from distance softly increase in volume when you get closer. Make sure the entity get visible at the point where you start to hear the sound. Other words, trail and error.


My guess is that the small size of the sound emitter falls below the angular width threshold for inclusion, hence it gets occluded. That’s great for visuals but clearly not for audio emitters and probably not for particle emitters too.


Yes, so the ‘stupid’ solution is to make a big entity like i did in the last picture. so a nice small 01 , 01 , 01 cube is now taking a hugh 30, 0.1 , 30 meters space. And with bad lucky it covers other small objects.

You can set it invisible, but if that make building and moving easy ?

I need to say that we have the same problem with lights to, the need to be pretty big in cube size to get a nice spotlight on floor like a streetlight.