Sounds for walking on different surfaces


Hi there,

just wonder, if it is possible to add sounds to entities for walking-sounds on different materials (walking on grass, stone, Wood, etc).


Technically speaking yes it is very possible:

Forexample You can use a raytrace to the surface of what you are on as you are moving, and check the userdata of the floor entity and play back sound depending on velocity.

Difficulty however, that is dependent and very subjective as it needs to be implemented, since we dont even have walking sounds by default and there is no ready made solution as of the moment.


Thanks @Menithal, it sounds like it needs to be scripted, or? Okay, so it’s nothing I can do :sweat: so I will wait till it’s an option by default for entities, sometime…


Put a task up on the worklist as a suggestion, perhaps one of the scripters is willing to implement something :slight_smile: if hifi sees it like something theyd want to implement.


Great suggestion @Menithal, didn’t know that is possible. It’s on the list now.


I already want a way to turn this off, as I don’t plan to walk that loud :wink:

But what if I’m barefoot and the next minute I put my military boots?
It «sounds» more complex seen that way.


Well, considering the playback will be client side, it just a matter of someone creating an ui and an api to change sounds depending on what you have attached on your feet… :slight_smile:


…It remember those boots in SL that played sound when you walked :wink:
(you know… supersonic boots where the sound arrives after the person)


First thing you do in SL and hifi. turn off footsteps. prefefreable from everybody in the room. The are many times way to loud also.


:slight_smile: this is mainly about the own footsteps, not about the sound of others. I made the experience, that if an entity give a sound feedback when walking on, it is much more immersive. Because it is same like in real world.


Maybe you could put a script into the boots, on collision with the floor it detects the material, loads the sound associated with that material and plays a footfall sound with every step, sound would emanate from the actual boot position.

You would need to record an array of different single footfalls, not loops just one shot with each step.


Possible one reason why i hare it, next to the volume is most times way to loud. The judt always did sound bad.


Careful now! You’ll attract the worm!

A more generic system might have the user-side footfall script querying whatever it is stepping on for an appropriate sound to play (possibly passing the stepped-on-object an indication of how ‘hard’ the feet are and how forcefully they are stepping so it can choose to respond appropriately - or generically if the coder of the object is lazy). Same system could also be used for stepping with hands (aka punching trees for fun and profit!) or other body-part impacts as appropriate.


Wishes we could create sounds like synthesisers do with sine waves n Square waves n stuff like old video games did,then we could mess around and make sounds rather than just playing samples


You found one of @Menithal worms ! oh, it’s sitting in the dune2 dessert. :slightly_smiling_face: