Spawning Marketplace Wearables

Is there a way to have wearables purchased on the marketplace spawn as normal entities?

Ideally I would like to spawn a wearable and then have a user click on it and then they are wearing it… like a store environment. So if anybody knows how to do one or both of these I would appreciate any advice because I was not able to find anything on this elsewhere.

Welcome daninewberry. I am not a scripter, but I have been around a while, and there used to be a HiFi owned domain with a store full of wearables. You would click on them, and then they could be worn. Therefore, I know this can be done. How??? I hope someone who knows can tell you.

I have figured out how to get wearable entities to disconnect from my avatar and remain in my environment by tinkering with the properties in the Create Tools. However, I am not able to attach scripts to items bought off the market place so I am not sure how to solve the second part of this question.

Are there any work arounds for attaching scripts to bought items that I am not aware of?

Alternatively, if anyone knows how to spawn marketplace items via a script that would be helpful to know too!