Spectator Cam in 360?


Does the spectator Cam record 360 video? If not is there any other way to export a 360 stream?


If I remember correctly, @Caitlyn did a Maker Meeting on just that topic using the spectator camera. Maybe it’s on youtube?



Hmm I think you can’t actually stream 360 video on the Spectator camera, only snapshots. You can crank up the FOV to about 120 degrees, but it’s not really useful as an alternate to 360 video streaming.

However maybe @Valefox could add it! Worth adding on our feature request page




TL;DR: @Caitlyn is correct - there is no way to record 360 video in High Fidelity right now, and changing the FOV of the camera to 180 or 360 doesn’t work.

The engine currently captures 360 photos by snapping six square, 90-degree-FOV shots in quick sequence, then stitching them. (This sometimes results in stitching artifacts in the output image - you may have noticed!)

That same technique can’t be used to capture video:

  1. The system can’t capture 6 images at the same time right now.
  2. Even if it could, the engine couldn’t stitch all of those images together into a video frame fast enough to keep up.

We’ll have to develop a new method of in-engine 360 image capture to solve both of the above problems and enable video capture.

That sounds like a fun challenge to me! :blush: