Spectator Camera Challenge [Winner Announced]


Hello! As you may know from our release notes, we recently released a Spectator Camera app to make it easier to record and broadcast yourself from within High Fidelity.

We’re holding a Spectator Camera Challenge this month, with a grand prize of $1500 US, and a film festival where entries will be showcased. You can read up on all the details over here on the High Fidelity blog.

Hope you’ll join in!

EDIT TO ADD winner announced here:

Thank you to all who entered and also to those who came to the Zaru Film Festival!


I’m totally looking forward to take part in this :purple_heart: :sunglasses:

And I got two questions/suggestions:

1) inworld-licensing
"Showcase your favorite things about High Fidelity, and let us see them in action!"
"Entries must be your own work, and not make unauthorized use of others’ intellectual property or work."
–> If I want to shoot in another HighFidelians’ domain - do I need to ask her/him for permission? (it is -hopefully- this users’ IP after all :wink:)
–> how does this question apply to the domains hosted by HiFi? (are they “for free”?)

2) workflow-class @university?
I’m very new to streaming/youtubing, so I’d love to attend a workflow-class about which steps/programs to employ to edit&bring the spectator cam’s output-signal to Youtube :heart_eyes:
(this is the “suggestion” part of my questions :wink:)


Yaycool competition

I would guess all hifi domains are available to use including the creator change ones
Pvt ones I would guess ask permission

Work flow ihave been using obs studio
And setting hifi as the game to capture
The camera tablet app has 2 buttons. One to turn it on. And one to switch the hifi source obs will capture from what you see to what the camera sees
I’m just figuring this out too but nag me if I can help

The video it creates I just drag into you tube rather than trying to stream it live



My advice would be to list the domains you’ve shown and their owners in the description of your YouTube video, and to avoid domains that aren’t open to the public without first receiving permission from their owner.

Domains hosted by HiFi, like Maker, are fair game. :slight_smile:

We have a Spectator Camera workshop on the calendar for 8/9 at 4pm PDT–bring your questions! If you can’t attend, the greeter team is up to speed on using the cam and may be able to advise. Internally, we tend to use OBS (which @Judas linked above).


Thank you both so much for clarifying this!

The workflow sounds easy enough to me, but as I have experienced often enough the devil tends to lie in the details, so I’m looking forward to the workshop very much and I’m very happy about Judas’ nagging-offer - thanx a lot!!

I reckoned this - so I’m gonna go wild on the HiFi-domains and ask for permission / credit if I want to use private ones.

Still two questions do remain:

  1. What is a “creator change” domain?

  2. (last not least) Dear @Judas may I maybe shoot one of my scenes in one of your houses in Crompton Moor? :star_struck:
    That would be fantastic!!
    (I could offer my screaming purple sandbox as a location or my acting skills as an extra for your movie in exchange :wink:)


Cromptonmoor is a creator challenge domain like whitemoth and a few others .but I said ages ago that all my stuff is free to use in hi-fi whilst were alpha beta .once we have money and can sell stuff I’ll do that but till then we’re all just playing


Can we do video-montage from what we captured with the cam?


There were questions asked at the meeting regarding team entries
If the rules are being changed to allow this can it happen sooner rather than later
as i will be annoyed if the game changes mid way through
ie a team is capable of more than single person


“Entries must be your own work, and not make unauthorized use of others’ intellectual property or work.”

I expect this rule extends to using unlicensed soundtracks.
We should be careful and not use any commercial audio in our entries.
Even a soundtrack which is playing at the location during filming does not grant us license to record this.
However it becomes a trivial matter if the soundtrack is in the far background, and/or not forming a significant part of the overall composition. Fair use could be argued in most cases but every case is different.

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, but I suggest people steer clear of deliberately overlaying someone else’s audio without actual permission.


Hi, I have a project I need help with recording a presentation in VR for a conference. I have posted in collaborations but thought I would try here as I want to use spectator mode in the recording. can anyone help please.



The rule regarding submitting as an individual has more to do with convenience of HF paying out prizes to an individual rather than HF paying out to each team member. It’s great if you want to work together as a team, and even represent yourselves as a team,as long as the submission is coming from a person who represents that team and can receive and distribute any prizes based on terms agreed upon by the team. Hope that makes sense & sorry if we were unclear!



In the rules sections of the rules are all in capitals am I to consider these parts to be read as if im shouting?


That is correct. It would be a bummer if an entry got DMCA-ed over on YouTube before we got a chance to review it, for example. They work quickly over there, especially with regard to the IP of big companies.




Oh dear. I’ll ask for clarification on that. :slight_smile:


Well i started making my movie " the unbrearable lightness of being"
I’ve never done one before, I do tutorials i sit and talk about blender whilst blendering
movie making is all like stories and acting and being the camera man 2
then its like video editing which again i never did, premier pro is a mystery to me (i have it via work) . I saw lotsa movies my contribution is usually spilling popcorn on the floor
with heindsight i may be having fun tho lol
@draxtor does movies all the time and hes gotta be dumber than me he must have found away to cheat or somthin :stuck_out_tongue:


OK here’s the general pattern for making VR videos:
1.queue etherial soundtrack
2.show Judas working on something
3.cut to spectator camera view judas waves/ smoky waves
4.voice over starts with witty comments about VR and being an artist
5. etherial soundtrack peaks or changes to up tempo funky elevator
6. final shot of Judas toiling over editing tools in Hifi
7. credits roll


thats way better than what i got lol i waNNa do that instead




(In the process of getting it changed on the site–thanks for the heads up.)