Spectator Camera v2.2 - 360 photos, selfies, and more!


@zfox thanks for the hint about exiffixer, quite useful.


on my mac book pro 2016 spectator camera does not open.
When clicking on the spectator camera it just opens up a grey windows.
Apparently on the logs something like the following appears:

[07/01 07:24:32] [WARNING] [hifi.qml] QUrl(“http://mpassets.highfidelity.com/80d02930-f409-4f1a-824f-ae0109da32d6-v1/SpectatorCamera.qml”) 19 http://mpassets.highfidelity.com/80d02930-f409-4f1a-824f-ae0109da32d6-v1/SpectatorCamera.qml:19:1: “qrc:////qml//styles-uit”: no such directory
[07/01 07:24:50] [WARNING] [qt.svg] Cannot open file ‘:/styles/unchecked.svg’,

A similar behaviour is being reported by another friend of mine using macos. Is there any macos specific problems with the camera?


on windows it works perfectly…


That’s a great catch. I don’t own a Mac, so I had to make my best guesses about what would work on MacOS. Looks like I missed something :slight_smile:.

I can’t promise a timeline for a fix for Spectator Cam on MacOS, but this particular bug is a problem that might affect other apps, so it’ll need to be fixed at some point.

Thanks again for finding this.


No problem for myself, but some of the teachers willing to use HighFidelity in their schools they have mac, and this can be quite interesting for educational purposes.


Loving the 360, but would love a dont render avatars option

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