Specular Lighting


Hello all.
I’m trying to get a better idea of how to control my material qualities and lighting in HF.
In particular, I don’t see any way to control specular “power”, via a “cosine” map or a functioning scalar value.
I’m exporting models from Maya and the results in HF seem to correspond to a cosine value of about 2.0 (the lowest value allowed) regardless of where I dial the power value in my Maya phone material.
We have only diffuse, specular, normal, and emissive maps to work with right?
And I don’t see any other controls. Could it be that the Maya doesn’t write the power value into the FBX in a way that HF can read it?
Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.


UPDATE: After a little more testing, I can’t see any results of my specular map on my object.
I’m doing an FBX export from Maya 2015 with defaults. The maps are embedded. Diffuse and normal seem to be coming through correctly.


[ Bump ] Really? No one knows the default shader behavior in HiFi?


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Thanks. I’m new here but as I figure out who might know the answers I’ll tag them.


They did some recent changes to the way how the speculars work, so it is hard to currently say, from what I have gathered however, is that they use the color information, but ignore the power value.

So if you have a color specular map, that will work as the power, instead of the color that is reflected.


Thanks @Menithal
I was clear up until your last sentence. Maybe it’s the use of the word “power” that made it a little unclear.

We have one specular map, assuming it’s color, I would expect it to control the color (and hence intensity also) of specular reflections.
Secondarily, we have the tightness (or falloff) of the specular, which can be (in some engines) controlled by a cosine or glossiness map but I think with HiFi would simply be controlled by a scalar value.
I am having trouble seeing the first, expected, map specular control and don’t know where the specular tightness is, if anywhere. Are you saying the map would control the tightness?
If someone can point me to an example of this in action, that would be awesome.


Sorry, I did mean that the color map that use for the specular seems to effect as if power. On the other hand, it does not effect how the Specular behaves. Its a bit fiddly though