Speech/Voice recognition!


Hey All,

I work with AI in ALICE chatbots like as used in Siri Google Now or Cortana. I have wanted to make a Second Life Siri however voice recognition never came out which crippled the project.

It would be great if High Fidelity incorporated a Voice Recognition system that way a Siri style voice commanded interface can be developed for High Fidelity that works in V.R. with natural language voice commands instead of mouse and keyboard.


Hi @Lightmagi. Have a look at the script, \examples\example\audio\speechControl.js as an example of voice control. … If you run the script you can use voice commands to move and turn. You can modify the script to add new commands. Or write an entirely new script that uses the SpeechRecognizer API that’s available to HiFi JavaScript.


Oh my gosh…is there anything that has NOT been considered a worthy addition to HIFi? Unbelievable! I really just cannot believe the capability here! Incredible.


Cool I’m glad voice recognition is within High Fidelity, I’ll try it out.