Spotlight issues


I am trying to document the light entity so I need some facts here please. @chris?

Setting to spotlight.
The top half of the light entity doesnt show.
The resulting spot is a half moon, the top half of the light entity is not showing when pointed as default, to the side.
When rotating the spot to shine on the floor it comes good but disappears again as you rotate back up to level and beyond.

I suggest this is a bug because we would expect a spot to be a round spot.

The first pic is spot on the wall, the second pic is spot on the floor.

There is no other rotation on either the light or the background walls.

Is this expected behavior or is it a bug?

Here is the regular light, I can only get a half moon beam on the wall, I expect a nice smooth beam on the surface.

While I’m here, the angular velocity isnt working for light entities at the moment (it happens a lot) but I wanted to demo a revolving light and cant do it without angular velocity.


This could be something to do with the amount of vertices as well on the mesh. I noticed the lighting is somewhat vertex based.

Have you tried increasing the amount of polygons on the flat surface as a test? Otherwise this is indeed a bug.

**Edit: ** Oh it was for walls vs Floors. Yeah its most likely a bug then.