Squeeze my balls (working title)


OK I want someone to make me a better controller and this is how I envision it.
2 tennis balls each with gps rotational stuff in it and a air pressure sensor.
u move em to move your hands around and squeeze them to pick things up pressure sensitive.

Steal my idea just sent me a pair and make em work in HF

VR News + Discussion

mk2 Icepop magic

Icepops haptic gloves


1 pack of ice pops 1 pair of gloves

Some other crap

Roll of sticky tape

Tape the ice pops to each finger and then along the back of
the gloves

And the same along the palm side of the gloves

We then need something to squeeze the back end of the ice

I’m thinking some rectangular electro magnets that plap
together and squeeze the liquid in the icepops

When squeezed in the right order these will hydraulically
open and close your hand.

Also if u vibrate the magnets kinda like pulsing sound
through them like a speaker.

They will give u haptic feedback in ur hand.

Ikr clever huh.

Again once you get these to market id like a pair all made
from purple ones (cos they’re the best flavor)