Stack corruption around averageMegabitsPerSecond


Running under debugger in Windows, get the following error at start-up …

Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable ‘averageMegabitsPerSecond’ was corrupted.

Call stack:

interface.exe!Stats::display(const float * color, int horizontalOffset, float fps, int inPacketsPerSecond, int outPacketsPerSecond, int inBytesPerSecond, int outBytesPerSecond, int voxelPacketsToProcess) Line 648 C++
interface.exe!ApplicationOverlay::renderStatsAndLogs() Line 930 C++
interface.exe!ApplicationOverlay::renderOverlay(bool renderToTexture) Line 215 C++
interface.exe!Application::paintGL() Line 692 C++
interface.exe!GLCanvas::paintGL() Line 65 C++
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!QGLWidget::glDraw() Line 4169 C++
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!QGLWidget::updateGL() Line 3883 C++
interface.exe!Application::idle() Line 1435 C++

Code as at commit made 2 Feb 2015 9:31pm.

Can continue on past this and Interface appears to run OK.

Stats was enabled to display. Corruption doesn’t happen if it isn’t.