Stack-Manager 86 bad


Stack-Manager 86 seems bad. As soon i login i cannot move on my domain, nothing seems to load. with some luck i can teleport but the same problem happens. This problem appeared after i have updated to stack-manager 86. This all i see. also after teleport.

Cannot move, on HiFi sandbox i see the sky. Motor control is enabled.


sandbox looks fine for me


win 8.1 i’ve been using SM 86 for ages with no problems except the backups lol & just checked - Sandox looks fine


Ok, i use stack-manager 86 and expected that number increase with every update.
If that’s not true. why is stack-managser not haveing build number then ?
I have updated the stack-manager today.

Your sure that you don’t use build 85 ?


nope i’m using build 86 @ hifi://arklo
and interface 2716


Ok. let me do soem test steps viewer side. something got corrupted. testing 2717 first.
Ok, sorry. because things happenmd after i did update the stack-managaer i supected that where wrong.

But it seems high fidelity corrupted the interface.ini file.
Removed that and it seems to work again.