Stack manager crash, error: update QT5Qml.dll missing


Just updated my stack-manager, it’s crashing now. That’s bad, my domain is now dead.


Yep got the same issue on my end. Seems like something is missing from the compilation


Ah, I see this report was from 4 days ago. I noted it in a separate issue… its still a problem as at 3rd November 2015 10:00 GMT using Stack Manager version 93 for Windows on Windows 10.


One of our devs experienced a strange issue where it did not download the latest I can confirm the latest file is properly including the dll:

I’m still not quite sure why this problem is coming up, specially since no changes have been merged in Stack Manager for quite a while — the solution the dev found was to backup and then remove the contents of AppData/Local/High Fidelity/Stack Manager to force it to download again.

Please give that a shot and let me know. Very important, backup your directory, otherwise you will lose your in-world content and settings.



I deleted the whole area as suggested preserving the “resources” sub-directory with our content in it. After that re-running the stack manager (v93 win) did install the missing dll fine. Now another problem as it seems there are missing scripts and avatars when I restarted and tested. I assume than a separate issue… so off to see if anyone else as this problem… and hey presto… they have…